Jefferson Carnival, PA

My kids and I went to Jefferson Carnival last Monday, after my appointments at Westminster, MD. It was on the way home, so I decided to drop by for a couple of minutes and let the kids have some fun and ride some rides. Tickets cost like $1 each, but if you buy 14 tickets, you will only pay $10 for it. It was not bad, but the thing is.. the rides cost 3 tickets per ride. I was like whoah?! lol. I find it so dang expensive. So they were able to ride a couple of rides only. The game booths are like expensive too, $3 per shot! My boys were begging to play, so I let them play a couple of games. There are also games worth $1 per shot, but the prices are crappy. Well… the cost is nothing if you see them so happy and excited with the prices theyve won. I know nothing can beat that for a mom like me. To see my kids so happy is priceless. This Carnival is open until this Saturday. If you are close by.. there is still time to go there. One thing for sure… they got very good french fries! Yum!
Below are our photos.

as you can see.. the sky was still blue.. but too humid. I got the feeling that its gonna rain any minute.

Later on its starting to get cloudy

My boys were sweating due to the humidity… After eating their french fries, we packed up and started heading to the car. We didnt stayed long, cz rain might pour on us.

When we left.. the clouds were enveloping the place. You can see from the photo below how the clouds thicken. soon the sun was nowhere in sight.

Glad we left just in time before it pours. =)

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