Goods Home Furnishing

Thinking of redecorating your home this year and want some new furniture that will fit that look that you wanted? Check out for new furniture. I saw they have everything that will surely make that look may it be modern, rustic, or classic. I always love rustic cause its very homey and so cozy and Goods Home Furnishing has those furniture to make that look. So check it out now before you make any purchases online.

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    Our Buddy this Winter Season

    Cant get warm enough this Winter? Check out this electric radiator heater from DeLonghi.

     photo IMG_6445_zps0f541e7a.jpg

    DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil Filled Radiator Heater Black 1500W

    We’ve been using this since November and so far it works as it suppose to. It warmed up our living room fast and keep us toasty during the coldest days when the temperature dropped down to below 0. Even though our house got so many vents for the cold air to get in, still this heater did its job very well. We usually set it to the highest like 95F which gets really hot some times. So be careful and make sure not to put anything on it or touch it or move it around while its On cause it can really burn your skin. Also it makes a clicking sound which is probably annoying to your part. As for us, the sound doesnt bother us because we only uses this heater in the living room and when the kids are at home from school.

     photo IMG_6452_zps0d6769f2.jpg So if you are planning to buy a radiator heater, check out DeLonghi. I am sure this beauty will keep you warm during Winter Season. As for the specs, you can find them here.

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      Trouble Finding the Right Insurance?

      Having trouble finding the right Insurance for you? Well, I have found a quote that you might wanna consider looking at. All Red Insurance might just be the answer to your needs. They offer Auto, Home, Life, Health, and more! They have everything in just one click of your mouse. You can even compare Insurance if you are not sure what to get. Their website is pretty much customer friendly, so I am pretty sure you will find what you are looking for here.

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        Holidays are Coming – Need Dance Lessons?

        The holidays are coming! I know everybody is excited and I bet you have parties planned already on every weekend this December. Parties can never be fun without good food, cocktail drinks, and cool music. You better be ready for the all night dancing! If you dont know how to dance, you can always call the dance doctor for special classes before holiday weekends are here, right? Parties wont be so fun if you are sitting down because you dont know how to dance. Well, the the dance doctor worry all that because in just a few classes you will be like John Cassese. =)

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          Movavi Converting MP4 Videos

           photo movo_zps8af852be.jpg

          Movavi Video Converter is one of the best-known software that is used for converting videos on any format to the MP4 version. Not just MP4, Movavi Video Converter can convert videos of 180 distinct types involving the flv, wma, DVD, avi and many more to list. This software has become one of the favorites for the casual web surfers but also the professional video editors who need a quick supply of software activity to convert videos. The thing that makes this  software an important utility to deal  with is  it’s  easy to use manual for  any normal individual with a computer system. It is user friendly and gives tons of options for the user to choose from and convert  videos.  Converting  videos to  any  format is  pretty  simple  with Movavi and a few clicks can do the job for you.

          Steps to convert videos to MP4 using Movavi video converter:

          Downloading the converter : - Well, the first job at hand is to download the Movavi video converter software from its website just to be easy with the process.  This shall be followed by running the .exe file generated by the download and following the installation wizards to complete the installation process.

          Getting started  with  the converter :  - The next  step  must  involve  the process  of getting use to the software and now about its various features. A help icon on the menu bar can guide you to the features and the way to deal with the things using the software. The program needs to be selected and then, it should be started by adding the video that is meant for conversion by video importing. This will basically add the video onto the program for conversion.

          Preset for the videos : - This is pretty simple to deal with as the user just needs to select the drop down menu for the list of presets available for converting videos. This involves the listing of all the formats in the drop down menu and the user needs to select MP4. MP4 then has sub divisions within it as mp4 for mobiles and mp4 for desktop. As found appropriate by the user, the format can be selected and can be listed for conversion.

          Browse for destination : - Once the selection has been made of the mp4 format as the converting one, the browse icon can be used to find a folder where the user wants the converted video to be stored. This  can be done with a couple of clicks basically.

          Start converting : - once you have gone through the mentioned steps, the only thing that stays left is the conversion process. You need to just click into the convert icon to start the process. The time for conversion depends on the length of the video and the type of format to which the video is  getting formatted. Two stopwatches  are present;  one to show the time elapsed for  conversion and the other  shows how much  time  is  left  for  conversion.  Once  the  process  ends,  you  can  go  into  the destination folder to find you video converted to the mp4 format.

          It is pretty easy to handle and not at all sophisticated to deal with.  Movavi makes convertingvideo simpler and time saving

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            Hot Deals for Music Lovers

            Hey folks! If you are a music fan or a music lover, check out the Hot Deals from musician friends. Isn’t this awesome! I know musical instruments could be really expensive and you can’t just by the cheapest around cause as they say you get what you paid for, but hey! Now you can get your instruments, and electronic devices from a good quality brand for a very affordable price! You dont have to wait for long to save money to get the exact thing you want. In musician friends Hot Deals, life is just great for musicians. :-)

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              Oh its Fall already! – Fall Decors with Fulcrum Gallery

              Oh my! Its October already? Where did September go? It just went by with just a blink of my eye. I cant even remember what I did last month. Oh well, life must go on I better get back to work. I am happy to be back online now after a month of hiatus, blame it on the hackers out there who have nothing better to do rather bother other people’s life. They sure are very frustrating. I hope I wont get disconnected again.

              However, I am happy that it is Fall already. I bet you guys are excited of Fall, well so am I. In fact it is my favorite Season of the year. There are so many things to do, and so many things that I want to share to all my readers out there. I bet most of you have decorated your home with Fall decors already. I have my share of fall Decors too, check the photo below.  photo IMG_4655_zpsc2c29808.jpg
              That’s our Family wall. I know it need more decorations, I will put some in a bit, maybe more photos or artwork perhaps? =)

              Anyway, I have found some pretty decors and wall arts online that I could add up in our living room or in our family wall. It’s in They have a great collection of Home Decors that I know you will gonna love as well. When I check their website, I was like “ohmygush! What should I pick? Everything is so beautiful!” This website has everything from Fall to Summer! Love Love Love all the art work and canvases. The artist are just simply amazing! I cant get enough of it. Lucky that I get the chance to work with Fulcrum Gallery by reviewing one of their piece. Since I had a hard time deciding which art work to choose, I decided to upload one of my favorite shots that was taken from one of my favorite places to visit with my family. Yes, they dont only have artwork from different artist, they also have Photos on Canvas where you can upload your photos and they will process it to Art Work. The steps are very simple. You upload it, Choose your Art size, and Finish it with a frame or just simply a canvas. There are a lot of options to choose from such as Print options, Laminate Options, Canvas Options, and Frame Options. I choose Canvas, but instead they gave me the Frame option which was really cool! That’s the picture hanging on our Family wall with the Natural Oak Frame. Isn’t it beautiful?! That frame canvas was taken last year in Skyline Drive Shenandoah Valley in Virginia where my family and I watch the sun as it set on the horizon, the view was just amazing, its like the earth was on fire! I am glad I got it on Canvas because it was so memorable for me and my family. =)

              Anyhow, the canvas that I ordered arrived right away. I was impress with the shipping! Not just the shipping but the customer service as well. My canvas was wrap securely as you can see on the photo below. I was worried that it might get damaged due to handling by the carrier, but they deliver it in my doorstep with care. Outside the box shows a sign of FRAGILE Glass Handle with Care so that the carrier won’t dump it on the ground. Of course items like this you need to watch out on when it will arrived, so I was like checking the tracking status all the time to see where the package was and it arrived just what stated in the schedule. =)

               photo IMG_3614_zps316f7236.jpg

              By the way, below is the close-up look of my full framed canvas. I tell you its worth every penny if you will order yours now.

               photo IMG_4654_zpsbb58a707.jpg

              Skyline Drive Virginia – Fall 2013

              I sure am happy with the result of my framed canvas. The details are just amazing! The print is top quality, the framed is made from real wood, great customer service, fast shipping, and to top it all – its affordable. Where would you find something like this? Only in Fulcrum Gallery.

              Thank you Fulcrum Gallery for this great opportunity!

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                B.C. Rich Guitars

                Searching for a B.C. Rich guitar? Check out they have it. They have tons of it in their website. They might have the one that you’re looking for. This kind of guitars ran out right away because of its popularity and in demand. There’s only Limited availability  on each kind so hurry up and check out their website now.

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                  Custom Built Playset

                  image snagged from

                  Searching for a pretty playset for your kidos? Better look at this photo below. Is’nt this cool?! If you want a playset like this check out   swing sets in woodbridge . They have a wide range of playsets that you might want to have in their gallery. If you didn’t find what you like in their website, you can contact them and they will build the playset that you wanted. You can design your own playset and they will custom build it for you.  Isn’t that awesome? Now you can have the playset that you wanted for your kids to play.

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                    get that confidence smile from Smile Brilliant

                    Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I post something here. I’d been very busy with the back-to-school stuff, orientation here and there, back-to-school nights, teacher meetings, and shopping for school supplies and lunches for my schoolers. I tell ya, it’s quite exciting and stressful at the same time! Especially if you have a first time schooler, my mornings was never been better. lol!  If you are a mommy like me, I bet your hands are pretty full too. But in spite all the busy schedule, mommies should always take time to take care of themselves in order to feel more confident and beautiful inside and out. And one of this is taking care of our teeth! Yes! It helps build more confidence if we have clean white shiny teeth, so we wont feel embarrassed to smile. :-)

                    Let me share to you this whitening kit that I got from Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening.

                    I was so happy that I got the chance to review this product. It was a great opportunity for me. I had been planning of getting a whitening kit because my teeth are getting stained from drinking too much coffee, so when I received an email for review, I said Yes right away. Talk about perfect timing huh? :-)

                     photo IMG_4289_zps0e5fbcfa.jpg Smile Brilliant sent me a whole whitening kit. I was surprised how fast they shipped cause it came right away.
                    What’s inside the kit?

                    •  3 catalyst paste, and 3 base paste
                    •  3 whitening gel syringe
                    •  3 desensitizing gel syringe(for sensitive teeth and gums)
                    •  2 blue trays to make your dental impressions (up and down)
                    • carrying case
                    • pre-paid postage to send your dental impressions
                    • and detailed instructions

                    With the instructions, you can never go wrong. The steps of making your own dental impressions are quite easy. You have to read all the instructions first before doing it to avoid any mistakes. You actually just need 2 base and 2 catalyst. The other ones are extra just in case if you did it wrong. To know more about the steps, you can check out Smile Brilliant Website.

                    Photo below shows my dental impressions. I mailed it back to them so they can process my custom-fitted whitening trays. And as I said earlier, they shipped fast! I got my trays after a couple of days and began bleaching right away.
                     photo whitening1_zpsd66e2b59.png

                    Below are my custom-fitted whitening trays. Instructions on how to bleached your teeth is included in the kit. So I tell you, you wont go wrong. =) photo IMG_4298_zps5c1fb74e.jpg
                     photo teethcopy_zps7ae25bae.jpg
                    Here’s the before and after photo. Isn’t it amazing? You can really see the difference. My teeth look cleaner and whiter in the second photo. Excuse me for the cracked in the middle, I had a little accident before I started whitening, I will probably have it fixed in a couple of days from now. =D Anyway I am totally satisfied with this product. My teeth and gums are very sensitive, but thanks to desensitizing gel, whitening my teeth was not painful. If you want to know more about how Smile Brilliant Desensitizing Gel works, check out this Link.

                    So there you go! I have now a very happy teeth! Thanks to Smile Brilliant for this great opportunity. If you wanna have a whiter teeth check out I am pretty sure you wont regret it.

                     And here I am with a pretty smile. :-) photo IMG_2743_zps2f16adcc.jpg

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