Software Controller

To look for the best software controller, you have to check online on who has the best reviews from the real people who have used it already. You will find more information about it online. It is better to read each one on who has the best specs that will suit your needs and your budget as well. There are a lot of stores online that offers such, but I would recommend Musician’s Friends who has a wide variety of such.

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    My Amethyst by Nectar

    I never been this so excited about Summer. I can’t wait when school is over so my family and I will have lots of fun under the sun. We will definitely be spending a lot of time outdoor before it’s over. I just hope that it’s not so hot or humid though so we can bear the heat of the sun. But no worries though cause I got everything that we need that will protect us from the heat of the sun. I was so glad that Nectar Sunglasses contacted me a couple of weeks ago to review one of their sunglasses. They gave me Amethyst to try and oh boy it sure was the cutest! Check out my Nectar Amethyst below. Isn’t it gorgeous!

     photo IMG_0547_zps97baf2ab.jpg

    Love the shades, the color, and the fit. It is so fashionable that I can wear them anywhere. It’s very comfortable and very relaxing to my eyes. Some sunglasses makes my head hurts due to the color of the lens, but this one doesn’t. The color of the lens is neutral not yellow so it really relax my eyes and protect them from the sun. I sure love everything about it!

    This pair sure is a must have, specially if you are going to the beach with your family this Summer. It’s 100% UV Protection and has a Polarization Filter on both lenses for dual protection. And Yes! My family and I are planning to go to the beach sometime this Summer that is why I am super excited! Oh I can’t wait to sport my Amethyst!  I just hope that everything will go according to plan. :-)

    Right now, I’m sporting my Amethyst on our backyard when my kids and I were having a barbeque picnic. It is such a perfect day to have a cook out when the temperature is still bearable. With the Amethyst, I can look up at the sky and appreciate it’s beauty.

     photo Nectar_zpse67e3bc3.jpg

    If you want an Amethyst by Nectar just click HERE and use the coupon code LOVENECTAR for 10%off upon checkout.

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      Feeling the Warm Weather Already?

      Feeling the warm weather already? Better get yourself ready now before Summer gets here, and I mean getting your house ready by making sure that your AC works, and if you only have a box AC, better check it out now if it still turns on. I bet it will be so warm this Summer that you might want your AC in full blast. If you are having problems with your unit, you can always call for hvac in durham nc at comfort services 1 to help you fix your problem so it will be ready for this coming Summer.

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        Hot Sticks

        Wanna be feeling artisticks ? Check this pair of drumsticks in red flame. Isn’t it hot? I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands of this pair. The flame design is so awesome that every time you used it it will make you feel awesome as well. Talking about inspiration, this hotsticks will surely make you feel inspired even more when you play. So get ‘em now!

         photo sticks_zps4dbd7658.jpg

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          My Fave Coffee

          Are you a coffee addict like me? If you do, what is your favorite coffee? Mine is this kind below. I am not really into brewed coffee cause I dont like much the taste. I’d rather have this instant coffee where I can have anytime I want, and it’s tastier.

           photo IMG_9975_zpsb4c1f6b2.jpgMy favorite coffee is this Brown N’ Creamy from Nescafe. It is really yummy as advertised. The content of coffee, creamer, and sugar is just perfect for my taste. To have a cup of this coffee in the morning is like a big treat for me, because a pack like this here in US cost 9.50 bucks! Yah yah.. it is expensive. Good thing a friend of mine from Texas who just had a vacation in Philippines send me some. Oh boy, I sure appreciate it. Looking at this coffee right now makes me want to have one now.

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            Bedell Guitars

            The bedell guitar at Guitar Center are one of the finest acoustic-electric guitars that you can find. A lot of people find their guitars top notch, due to its sound quality which is so pure and so clear. The whole package is so beautiful and so smooth that every musician who holds it fell in love with it right away. To top it off, the price range is awesome. So if you are searching for a good guitar that won’t rip you off, bedell guitars are for you.

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              8 strings

              Do you know that there are guitars that has 8 strings? Well I don’t, until I saw the classic 8 string ibanez at guitar center . I was surprised cause I thought that guitars has only up to 6 strings. I’ve never seen one like that before in person. I was wondering what this guitar sounds like and how are you gonna play the notes? I bet it can make more melodies than the 6, and there are some additional notes when you are playing with it. It seems pretty amazing to me. I sure like to hear it one day soon.

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                My 3rd grader’s new shoes : Merrell Kids Chameleon 4 Ventilator

                Boys sure grow so fast! And their shoes don’t last! It’s only in the middle of school year, but my 3rd grader needs a new pair already. His shoes was all worn out which made me wonder what he is doing in school for his shoes to give-up on him right away? He is not an athlete, and he got no extra curricular activities after school. Oh well, maybe the way he walks or maybe jumping on paddles perhaps? Or maybe because the shoes is very cheap, meaning poor quality. Oh well, whatever it is, he needs a new one ASAP!

                So a couple of days ago, we went shoes hunting. I am thinking of getting him hiking shoes that is durable and can withstand long hours of walking. I thought Grander Mountain would be the best place to look at, to my surprised they have none! We went to the closest Mall in town, but the shoes store closed down! Then I searched Dick Sporting Goods online and found this pretty pair of Merrell Kids Chameleon 4 Ventilator for kids that I was hoping they have it in our local store cause I want my son to try it on first before purchasing it. But it was not available when we went there, so I decided to get it online instead. I was having second thoughts of buying it, because it didn’t came with a size W, and my son needs a Wide size shoes. I really like the look of this pair and it’s specs so I went ahead and order them. If it doesn’t fit, I can always return it in the store. So below is my son’s new shoes which came after 2days. By the way the shipping was free, so I paid $54 for this. It’s kind of pricey for kids shoes, but at least I know it will last for a long time cause it is really durable, comfortable, and made for walking. It also has an AEGIS Microbe Shield that protects against odor, staining, and deterioration that caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. You know how boys are, they are very stinky, slimy, and muddy, so I say this shoes is just perfect for my Kuya. And when he tried it on, he said that it feels very comfortable, just a little big though cause I ordered a bigger size so he won’t outgrow it so fast. The shoes really look good on him, the design is very simple yet beautiful. I really love it!

                 photo IMG_1241_zps24546478.jpgCheck the Specs below.

                • Strobel construction offers flexibility and comfort
                • Suede and mesh upper
                • Standard lace closure
                • Breathable mesh lining treated with Aegis®
                • EVA removable footbed treated with Aegis® antimicrobial solutionMIDSOLE/OUTSOLE
                • Molded nylon arch shank
                • Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability
                • Merrell Chameleon Speed Cupsole/Non-Marking Rubber

                 photo IMG_1272_zps55991688.jpgThe sole is really thick.

                And here are my boys, jumping for a snapshot. photo IMG_1252_zpse28b89e8.jpg

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                  Guitar Brands

                  Do you know how many brands of guitars in the world? You can’t probably count how many are those aren’t you? If you are a guitarist, I am pretty sure it is very tough to look for one that you really like, good thing there are reviews online that you can read and compare each one that is good at the same time affordable. I know the best guitars cost thousands of dollars like the taylor electric guitars , but I am pretty sure you can find one that is on sale and doesn’t rip your pockets, and for sure it’s worth every penny.

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                    New Hershey’s Spreads

                    Are you fond of Nutella? If you do, you better check this newest Hershey’s Spreads! It’s the newest and yummiest spread ever that my family tasted. Trust me, it’s really good! If you love Nutella, you will surely love this more.

                    It came with 3 different flavor : The plain Chocolate, The Chocolate with Almond, and with the Hazelnut. We havent tried the plain chocolate and the hazelnut yet, but I am pretty sure that it’s all good. So if you wanna try this out, better check your local store for it.



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