Smart Ways To Save Money Every Month

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There are so many things that you have to understand about saving money. We are faced with various difficulties that appear and you will need to basically do all that you can in order to properly deal with everything that happens in one month. The big difficulty is that there are many situations in which people from all around the world struggle and make mistakes because they do not have proper financial education. In order to help you out a little, here are some facts you need to know.

Savings Are Everywhere Around You

All that you have to do is keep your eyes open at all times. You can save cash every single day if you are a little careful. That is especially true when you look on the internet. For instance, you can easily find many Starbucks star codes that you can take advantage of. Coupons are available and it is a shame not to use them due to the fact that you can actually save hundreds of dollars every single month on expenses that you already have to deal with.

You Can Save Money On Utility Bills

Most people take utility bills as they are, without knowing that simple changes can bring in huge saving opportunities. For instance, do you turn off the lights when you leave a room or do you leave them open? Just close them every single time. Also, do you leave the water running as you take a shower? If so, you may want to be a little more careful and only use the cash when you clean your body or the soap. This is definitely something that can help you out a lot at the end of the day.

Eating Out

This is another thing that people do not think about when trying to save money on a day to day basis. As an example, do you eat lunch at the office? If so, do you go to a restaurant? How about packing lunch from home? That would help you out a lot in saving so much. It is important that you do remain careful and that you do not go out too often. Then money that you save when you cook at home is definitely something that has to be taken into account. Most people do not know how much they actually end up spending on restaurant sand takeaway. A better scheduling helps deal with this and brings in a lot of cash.

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    Unromantic Gifts That You Need To Avoid During Valentine’s

     photo 538138_10151321787503382_1985907341_n_zpsfthd6lnv.jpgValentine’s Day is, unfortunately, a commercial celebration for many. So many do not actually understand the fact that you cannot offer any gift. It is important that you always choose appropriately, which is a lot more difficult than you may believe. As a simple rule of thumb, if you do not know what to give her/him, opt for some awesome love e-cards and a romantic night out. This never fails.

    Red Roses

    In most cases red roses are a sign of sensuality and love but when thinking about Valentine’s Day, this gift is seen as a cliché.  The big problem in this case is that flowers are quite predictable, especially roses. You can opt for something else, especially if you know that the woman loves specific flowers. There are many unconventional flowers that are actually less expensive and would work great.


    This is quite the same thing as flowers. Chocolates lost their charm. At the same time, you will end up throwing most of the chocolates away in most cases. If you do want to give out chocolates, try assorted ones and avoid the love themes. You will notice that the gift is a lot more appreciated than love candies on Valentine’s Day.

    Stuffed Animals When You Give Them To Men

    That is definitely weird but there so many women that give stuffed animals to their boyfriends/husbands. Even if the man is really romantic, there is a huge possibility that he will not like that gift. It is symbolic and is never seen as being considerate. You are better off offering a watch or some exclusive leather products.


    Racy lingerie and sleepwear is seen as something that is great and many believe that this is a great gift but that is not always the case. The gifts can be seen as romantic but in many situations they are treats for the person that gives them. In the event that you have been dating for a short time, you should never even consider lingerie. Couples normally have some fantasies but you should not fulfill those fantasies during Valentine’s Day.

    Make sure that you avoid all the gifts that we mentioned above. You will not regret your decision. The greatest thing on Valentine’s Day is to surprise the receiver with something that is not expected and that is appropriate. You will want to focus on that since it shows that you care and that you put a lot of thought into the gift.

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      Endpin Jack

      Summer is really almost here and I bet all of you are so excited! I cant wait too! I am looking forward to go to any Carnivals in town and watch the local bands perform. It’s quite exciting! But first let me share to you this accessories used for acoustic guitars which is called the endpin jack .  photo canvas_zpshygvgrco.png I bet most acoustic players have this thingamajigs for better sound. But you got to pick the right brand for quality, tone, and craftsmanship. You can check out its reviews so you will know which one is the best.

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        Best 4 Fashion Tips That You Should Always Respect

         photo IMG_6418_zpss8qaq7mn.jpgThe internet is filled with so much information about what you can wear, when you should wear it and how to basically look as stunning as possible. However, the sheer volume of data can easily make you feel overwhelmed. Because of this, let us consider some really well-known fashion tips that you do need to respect at all times.

        Always Show Your Skin Strategically

        If you really want to be sexy, you will obviously want to show some skin and how you show it will count a lot. The idea is to create some sort of mystery. Most of the androgynous celebs take advantage of this and will be really careful what they show. The idea is to choose one body part and then simply show it off. Do not show the legs if you want to show off your cleavage. If you love the legs and you want to show them off, keep the top covered.

        Use Bright Accessories

        There are so many out there that have a closet that is simply filled with neutrals like black, camel or navy. If that is your case and you love neutrals, simply add energy colors through your accessories. Just think about how a satchel that is hunter green looks like when compared to one that is black and simple. If you are really brave, you can have a really neutral base and then have both the shoes and the bag appear in bright colors that are complimentary.

        Aim For Shoe Height Pants

        One of the biggest mistakes that women make is that they wear pants that do not have the appropriate length when compared to the shoes. You should always hem to flats or heels and not go back. The hems should just graze shoes’ tops and stay at around half to 3 quarters of an inch from the floor. In a similar way, when you have high heels, do adjust pants and never wear those pants with anything else except high heels.

        Never Forget About Wear And Care

        Before you even buy clothes, you have to be sure that you know exactly how they will look after some washings. Never buy clothes that you are not going to properly take care of. Based on various different factors, there are situations in which clothes need more care. For instance, some can only be hand-washed, like when there are some types of embellishments present.

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          Proline Parts

          Searching for proline parts ? Musician Friends might be able to help you with your search. If you look at their website they have all sorts of Proline Products and accessories for a very good price! So no worries about the parts cause I am pretty sure they got it, all you have to do is search in their website the name of the parts or its parts number.

          Musican Friends are having an awesome sale right now, so hurry before it ends.

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            Looking Forward for Spring Season with Spring Fashion

            Tired of this cold weather? Well, me too! I sure can’t wait for Spring Time. It seems like Winter this year is longer compare to last year. The below zero temperature and snow storm every week is just unbearable. At this time the weather should be warming up a bit but now we are experiencing another snow storm. Ugh! I cant take it anymore!

            Well, in order to beat this cold weather, shopping sure is the best therapy. So I went early shopping for Spring clothes and shoes so I got something to look forward to wear this Spring Season. Thinking about the things that I bought made me feel so excited of Spring Time. I just shopped online cause its tough to go out in a bad weather and there’s a lot of great deals online!

            If you are thinking of shopping for baby clothes, check out cute baby girl clothes at for Spring clothes. They really have the cutest baby clothes online! Oh how I wish I have a baby girl, cause I will definitely by her this cute dress. Isn’t it pretty? It is just perfect for this coming Spring Season. You should check out this website, they have accessories that goes with this cute dress. Not only that, they also have clothes for different occasions such as Valentines Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, and a lot more.


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              Simple Advice To Help You Clean Carpet Stains

              It is really important that you clean your carpet properly since this is what will increase its life. A carpet stain is something to worry about since most people out there do not actually know what they have to do in order to remove it. You should follow the following advice to make a really good choice and not damage the carpet.

              For starters, it is really important that you understand what type of carpet stain you have to remove. While you can see from the Stream Clean reviews that some of the products can deal with many stains, not everything can be cleaned with just one product. As a simple example, when you clean wine, you would need to take different actions than when you clean a soda stain. Try to always stock various spot removal chemicals so that you can use them appropriately when a spill appears.

              Before you even start to clean your carpet, try to remove as much as possible from the spill without chemicals. That will help you a lot more than you may belief. A normal butter knife can be used to scrape a lot of the spill without having to rub it right into carpet fibers. The problem with instantly rubbing is that you actually make everything worse as spills get inside the fibers, making everything tougher to clean.

              Make sure that you never saturate the cleaned area without using a cleaning solution because of the fact that this can easily affect the carpet fibers. At the same time, you will most likely make the entire spot increasing in size.

              Use towels to cover the area that is around the spot you want to clean. That helps you to maintain it clean and avoid spreads. The solutions that you are about to use should be tested. Use an extra carpet piece or apply the solution in an area that is not seen. We say this because it is easy to make mistakes and you can end up with untreatable damage. When you apply the chemical, right after the test is done, agitate it so that it enters the carpet. Do not try to rub it in. Try to always tap it in. You can use a wooden spoon for that. The solution should be allowed to work for some time before you would remove it.

              By simply following the advice that was mentioned above, you can end up cleaning so many spots that appear in your carpets. There is absolutely no universally useful solution, one that can answer problems for all the stains that can appear. The best thing you can do at the moment is to stock up so you are prepared for every single spill type that can appear.

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                Cherry and Maple Watch from Sully Series by Jord : Perfect Present for your Valentine

                Valentine’s Day is almost here and I bet you all are busy searching for the perfect present for your love of your life. Well, look no more because I have the right thing here that your special someone would surely love! I am excited to share to you this wooden watch that I got from Jord Wood Watches, isn’t it the prettiest?

                 photo IMG_6459_zps4b36e028.jpg
                It came in a beautiful box that protects it from shipping and  handling (check photo above). The watch itself is made of 100% natural wood which made it unique and so pretty. You can wear it in  anyway you like may it be formal or casual. This kind of watch would surely never grow old, and I tell ya its just the perfect present for this Valentines Day. =)

                 photo IMG_6469_zps5c1c9168.jpg

                Anyhow, this watch that I got is Cherry and Maple from the Sully Series. If you check Jord Wooden Watches website you will see that this watch came with different colors and design. I chose this color because its the first watch that I noticed. I find it so attractive and I thought it suits my skin color best. It has a big face of 49mm which I thought at first that it might be too big for my wrist. Good thing I went ahead and choose this cause its just the perfect size that I ever wanted! Check photo below, it aint that big right? I have a really tiny wrist but the face fit just right. You can check its dimension in their website and other infos. As for the band, it came in standard size which is big for me so I have to adjust it by removing some of the links.

                 photo IMG_6474_zpse377c14d.jpg

                Now how to remove the links? If you don’t know how to do it, you can always take it to the watch store and have it adjust for you. But as for me, I did it at home with the help of my husband. We push the pins by using a little hammer because it was quite snug. We tried pushing it by hand but it didnt work so we tap it with a small hammer instead. We were gentle about it, making sure that the wood will not break cause its very delicate. My husband got the right tools so there was no problem in removing the links. To be safe, its better to take it to the watch store. =)

                 photo IMG_6470_zps54a334f6.jpg

                I sure feel so lucky when I got the chance to review this watch because I had been wanting to buy a watch just like this with to a big face. This watch is just perfect! I love the color, the quality, the size, its uniqueness, its very lightweight, and it is quite! I was listening to it at night and I can barely hear the ticking sound. Oh… I sure love my Cherry and Maple from the Sully Series! I cant wait to sport it to any event that I am going to attend in the future. I will definitely wear it this Saturday on Valentine’s Day dinner date with hubby. I am so excited! I just got the perfect outfit for it.

                 photo jord_zpsd9e11584.jpg

                If you want to know more about this watch, check out Jord Wooden Watches website. They have other beautiful watches in different sizes and color for Men and Women. You can also check their Instagram for more photos and their other social networks account for special events and giveaways.

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                  Goods Home Furnishing

                  Thinking of redecorating your home this year and want some new furniture that will fit that look that you wanted? Check out for new furniture. I saw they have everything that will surely make that look may it be modern, rustic, or classic. I always love rustic cause its very homey and so cozy and Goods Home Furnishing has those furniture to make that look. So check it out now before you make any purchases online.

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                    Our Buddy this Winter Season

                    Cant get warm enough this Winter? Check out this electric radiator heater from DeLonghi.

                     photo IMG_6445_zps0f541e7a.jpg

                    DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil Filled Radiator Heater Black 1500W

                    We’ve been using this since November and so far it works as it suppose to. It warmed up our living room fast and keep us toasty during the coldest days when the temperature dropped down to below 0. Even though our house got so many vents for the cold air to get in, still this heater did its job very well. We usually set it to the highest like 95F which gets really hot some times. So be careful and make sure not to put anything on it or touch it or move it around while its On cause it can really burn your skin. Also it makes a clicking sound which is probably annoying to your part. As for us, the sound doesnt bother us because we only uses this heater in the living room and when the kids are at home from school.

                     photo IMG_6452_zps0d6769f2.jpg So if you are planning to buy a radiator heater, check out DeLonghi. I am sure this beauty will keep you warm during Winter Season. As for the specs, you can find them here.

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