Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Thanksgiving Holiday is just a week away and people are going shopping crazy already. I better do my shopping too or I might ran out of turkey in the market. I remember a couple of years ago I didn’t find any whole turkey in the store that I end up buying the breast instead which is the only thing available. Oh well, there is still time left to do all that before Thanksgiving.

Anyhow, if you are planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends better prepare early and plan ahead on what to do to make it memorable for everybody. A personalized glassware from Glass With a Twist – bar shot glasses would be a perfect addition to your planning. It can serve as a giveaway after the party as well with the event’s name on it. And of course you can used it as a centerpiece as well with a wine of your choice, that would be great right? So check it out now before its too late.

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    Dreaming about Summer with Aurorae

    The weather is so weird lately here in the East Coast, sometimes the temp would drop down to freezing point and the next day it would be too humid and warm. My joints are complaining, and my skin starting to dry up. This sure made me missed the warm days in the Summer and the heat of the sun on my already-tan skin. I sure want to go down to South and extend my Summer with my family.

     photo IMG_5325_zpsgluffvk8.jpg

      It would be nice to lay on the warm sand with my beach towel that I got from Aurorae and to listen to the sound of the waves and smell the breeze of the ocean water. Ahh.. life would be so good at the beach especially if you are spending it with the people you love. Thinking about it made me miss my tropical country even more.

    Anyway, if you are planning to go for a vacation this coming Thanksgiving Holiday, better take an Aurorae Beach Towel with you. I highly recommend this beach towel because its not only big but it feel so soft and smooth on your skin and drys you up right away due to its Microfiber material. It is also thicker so your bum feel so comfortable sitting on it on a hot sand. It is just perfect for going to the beach.

    This pretty beach towel that I got is for review and I was so happy that I was chosen to blog about it. Its Aurorae newest product and I just love it! As you can see on the photos below how big it is that 2 people can even lay on it. I used it all the time even at home. My son was having swimming lessons and I wrapped it around him like a blanket so he wont feel chilly after a swim.

     photo IMG_5335_zpsfty7xtga.jpg

     photo IMG_8772_zpsmbcsyq4m.jpg

    This beach towel is just the thing you need to complete your beach vacation! It came with 8 different colors. The one that I got is Mediterranean Blue. If you wanna know more about the colors, check out their website. I am pretty sure you will love it as I love it.

     photo IMG_8771_zpsqm9aqmyl.jpg



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      That Perfect Dress

      Fall is finally here! Woohoo! I am so excited! You probably know that its my favorite season of the year right, cause I babble about it all the time. =)  Thinking about it get me super excited cause there’s so many things going to happen this Season in every corner here in the East Coast and life is just great!

      Parties are everywhere especially in the month of October. I bet you got it all planned out? I’m sure some of you got Weddings to attend to, maybe Homecomings, or Formal Evening parties. And if you don’t have a dress to wear yet for such special occasions you can always look online for that perfect dress. Well, let me share to you this website that I stumble upon searching for that perfect dress, its called They have all sorts of beautiful and affordable dresses that you can find online. And if you are looking for some  cheap wedding dresses , I tell you, they got it! They even have tons of accessories to go with it. I was browsing at their website and I cant believe how huge is their collection and the prices are awesome! And since I am dreaming of a beach wedding someday in my home town, below were my favorites. Two words to described it, simple and elegant. Check it out. Arent these dresses fabulous?

      Simple A-Line V-Neck Court Train Tulle Fabric Beach Wedding Dresses With Diamond Beading

      Ivory Trumpet/Mermaid Straps Court Train Tulle Fabric Beach Wedding Dresses With Lace

      Unusual A-Line Sweetheart Court Train Tulle Fabric Beach Wedding Dresses With Pleats


      And here is my favorite Formal Evening Dress. The design so simple, yet gorgeous.

      Black Trumpet/Mermaid Halter Sweep/Brush Train Spandex Fabric Evening Dresses UK With Diamond Beading

      And below is a Homecoming dress that I find so lovely that any teenage girls would want to wear.

      A-Line Halter Short/Mini Tulle Fabric Prom Dresses UK With Beading

      All these dresses are so gorgeous! I believe the quality are good base on the reviews that I’ve read. These dresses are made to order so that it will fit perfectly for you. You can also select the color you want. Isn’t that awesome? By the way I just talked to their agent and guess what? They shipped in US for free! Isn’t that great! So go ahead and browse around and find that perfect dress.

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        Shop with me at

        Hello to all my fellow shopaholic friends! Its getting colder isn’t it? I bet you cant wait to wear your fall outfits. Well, I do too! But before you go Fall shopping let me tell you a little secret that I do at this time of the year, and that is shopping for Summer clothes!  You might be busy shopping for fall outfits but as for me I am busy checking out the End of Season Sale rack! I don’t only check out the stores but online as well. I like shopping online cause there’s more choices , great deals, and I don’t have to go anywhere. Isn’t that great?

        Anyway, let me share to you one of the shopping website that I stumble upon recently, its called They are having a Summer Sale right now that you might wanna check out. Oh I love sales, who doesn’t right? Especially if the items are worth it. This Floral Square Collar Sleevelss A-line Dress below is from and its on sale right now. This dress is really cute, perfect for summer. Its very light, flowy, stretchable, very comfortable, thick, and the quality is really good. Love the design of this dress as well, I accessorize it with a brown belt and my vintage brown shoes. I like the touch of the vintage here, its classy at the same time sexy. Hubbys will definitely approved this kind of dress, dont you think?
         photo IMG_8754_zpslzmhykki.jpg

         photo IMG_8751_zpstrmb4ogi.jpg

         photo IMG_8756_zpsoyyyyo6x.jpg

        So if you like this dress, check out Feel free to browse their website and dont forget to check out the SALES! If you are looking for Fall Fashion, check out their newest style. I bet you will find here what you are looking for that don’t have at the other website.

        To know more about this website and their latest trends check out their Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

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          Dress Review : Stylish Jewel Neck Embossed Sleeveless Dress from

          I cant believe Summer is almost over and so is the Summer Fashion. As I went window shopping yesterday, I noticed some of the stores are displaying dark colors clothes and some sweaters already. Looking at it makes me feel like shopping for Fall season. But the price tags are quite expensive, I guess it is still early to go shopping, but if you go online, you will see some great deals like in for Fall fashion.

          Rosegal has all the Fashion you need for any Season and for all occasions. They even have accessories to go with your fashion.  I received this dress below from them for review. They gave me an opportunity to choose any item I like in their website. It took me a while to decide what to get because they got so many cute and pretty dresses. And since fall is coming up and I like vintage dresses, I chose this dress below.

          Isn’t it pretty? Perfect for this coming Fall. Black tights, small belts, and booties goes perfectly with this outfit. The size of this dress is One Size , it means it can fit to Medium. I usually wear size Small or Medium which depends on the material of the product. I am 5’2 so it fits just right. Its a little bit short though at the back which is just fine for my height, and with the material of this dress there’s no need to worry it anyhow. If you are 2 inches taller than me then its probably too short. For the exact measurement of this dress, check out their website, it is pretty much accurate. =)

          So if you are into Fall shopping already, check out You will surely FALL in love to some of their Fall Collection. And if you are into vintage designs like me, you will find in their website that there is more dress like this above with different prints, colors, and designs. You can check them out to in their Facebook Page,  Pinterest, and Instagram.


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            Video conversion to MP3 format with excellent software

            Have you recently downloaded a video from YouTube only to find that it is not compatible with your mobile phone? That may be a wonderful song, and you might have a yearning to hear it during your travel from your residence to your office. However, since you are unable to play that video in your mobile phone, you need to keep it in your computer, or get it converted into an MP3 file.

            So, the logical explanation would be to look for excellent software that promotes video to MP3 conversion. You could get that in the form of Movavi video converter for Windows. The converter is amazing in terms of saving the files in any kind of format that you would want. If you do not know how to extract it to a certain file format, then you no longer need to worry. The video converter will be able to do the trick for you, and the best part is that you need not be technically very sound to operate the software. It has a wonderful Control Panel and user system that is very friendly and can be conveniently used by any person.

            All you need to do is to install the Movavi video converter for Windows. The installer is located within the software itself, you do not have to worry about the installation process. Just follow the on-screen instructions, and the software will be installed. After that, detect the video file source which you have downloaded to your computer, and mention the designated file format to be MP3. After that, the conversion will happen in split seconds, and you do not have to worry about any problem in terms of the conversion.

            If you need it in any other file format, then that can also take place with the converter. However, you would need to be conversant with the file format. The software is one of the best that you can find in terms of file conversion, and the pricing is also very robust, and pocket friendly. There are discount campaigns that run all the time, so the prices will definitely vary. However, even a single penny spent on purchasing the software will be well worth its salt. You are definitely going to get the conversion underway, and total time frame for the conversion will not bother you at any point of time.

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              Learn to play trumpet

              Wanna learn how to play the trumpet? Check out this beginner trumpet guide.

              There are different types of trumpets in the world. Gotta know first which one is best for you especially if you are a beginner. Through this guide, you will learn all that. You will also learn about the valves of the trumpet and its uses. And also you will learn about some of the accessories used.

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                Walk Trendy this Summer

                Summer is finally here! Woohoo!  I bet everybody is loving the weather right now specially the people here in the East Coast. We’ve been having perfect weather here that everybody is so ready to hit the waves. School is not over yet though but it wont be long now, and I am pretty sure everyone is so excited. I am excited alright! I got a list of what to do, where to go, and what clothes to wear this Summer. Gotta plan it early though so you wont missed a single thing!

                So how about you? Are you ready for this Summer? Do you have plans already? Do you need to shop for more cute Summer Clothes? Well, if not yet, you better do that list already as soon as possible so you will be ready when school is over. If you are browsing the internet for Summer clothes, let me share to you this website called, the Latest Street Style Fashion online. Check out my red dress below. Isnt it pretty?  photo IMG_7800_zps8muaogsm.jpg

                I so love its fashionable design and its cut around the top and the bottom of the skirt. The material of this dress is 81% Polyster and 19% Cotton. It is thick and stretchable. It got a zipper on the back for easy access. I am 5’2  and as you can see the length of this dress is just perfect, not so short and not too long. Its size Medium which is a little big for me on the shoulder, I should have chose Small which is probably just perfect since the material is stretchy. Its my fault cause I didnt look at the sizing. So before you order online check out the sizing chart first. I believe this dress is true to size.

                Photo below is the back of the dress. As you can see it just sit on top of the brassier line so no worries about your undergarment showing. =)

                 photo IMG_7813_zpsp6e1qlhz.jpg

                If you like this dress you can get it HERE. It is also available in Black color size XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

                Walk Trendy has a lot of selection of fashionable clothes in every occasion and Season for a very affordable price! Right now they are having 20% off on your first order with the use of Walk20 code and 25% off of orders over 99 with the code Walk25. Not only that, they also have sales on the Whats New, and the Jumpsuits as well. You should check out their Whats New, I bet you will love it! They also have Jewelries, Watches, and other Accessories for sale that will go with your perfect Summer attire.

                 photo IMG_7839_zpsrokmapcn.jpg

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                  Smart Ways To Save Money Every Month

                   photo 6355351769_766503f534_b_zpsi1yftskm.jpg

                  photo courtesy of

                  There are so many things that you have to understand about saving money. We are faced with various difficulties that appear and you will need to basically do all that you can in order to properly deal with everything that happens in one month. The big difficulty is that there are many situations in which people from all around the world struggle and make mistakes because they do not have proper financial education. In order to help you out a little, here are some facts you need to know.

                  Savings Are Everywhere Around You

                  All that you have to do is keep your eyes open at all times. You can save cash every single day if you are a little careful. That is especially true when you look on the internet. For instance, you can easily find many Starbucks star codes that you can take advantage of. Coupons are available and it is a shame not to use them due to the fact that you can actually save hundreds of dollars every single month on expenses that you already have to deal with.

                  You Can Save Money On Utility Bills

                  Most people take utility bills as they are, without knowing that simple changes can bring in huge saving opportunities. For instance, do you turn off the lights when you leave a room or do you leave them open? Just close them every single time. Also, do you leave the water running as you take a shower? If so, you may want to be a little more careful and only use the cash when you clean your body or the soap. This is definitely something that can help you out a lot at the end of the day.

                  Eating Out

                  This is another thing that people do not think about when trying to save money on a day to day basis. As an example, do you eat lunch at the office? If so, do you go to a restaurant? How about packing lunch from home? That would help you out a lot in saving so much. It is important that you do remain careful and that you do not go out too often. Then money that you save when you cook at home is definitely something that has to be taken into account. Most people do not know how much they actually end up spending on restaurant sand takeaway. A better scheduling helps deal with this and brings in a lot of cash.

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